Gintama Filler List【 Complete Episodes Guide 2022 】

Searching for a Gintama Filler List?

You’re not alone. When someone asks, “What are some of the best anime I’ve ever watched?” most people can only think about one name-Gintama!

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching an amazing show that you know will make any fan happy.

So let’s get started with our ultimate Gintama filler guide about all the filler episodes you need to watch to get back on track with your favorite anime series.

A number of the episode in Gintama:

One of the most frustrating and annoying trends in the manga is when fans can expect some filler material. It refers to long-running series adapted from anime and includes shows like Gintama, One Piece, or Naruto.

They often include a few extra adventures for their characters outside what was seen on screen with no actual plotline going forward.

At this stage, this Gintama filler list will help you out, and after reading it, you can actually view Gintama without fillers.

Gintama Canon Episodes List:

Gintama Filler Episodes List:

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Gintama Mixed Canon Episodes include some content that you will not find in the original manga. On the other hand, Gintama’s manga canon episodes include all the story that adopts the actual points and events of the manga.

To enjoy the Gintama anime series at its fullest, you should watch anime completely along with these Gintama Mixed Canon Episodes.

Which Gintama Fillers to Watch?

[su_box title=” Which Gintama Fillers to Watch?” box_color=”#fdae1d”]As mentioned above, Gintama fillers are also exciting and too hilarious, and you will not regret watching these Gintama filler episodes. Thus, here is the list of the Gintama fillers that you are allowed to watch. Have a look: • Guys! Do You Even Have a Gintama? (Part Episode 1 part 1 and 2) • Two Is Always Better Than One. (Episode 166) • Episode 150 You Can’t Beat Them, Hence Join Them • Episode 174 Do People Go To The Ocean And Yell Out ‘Bakayaro’? • Keep An Eye On The Chief For The Day (Episode 57) • Hometown Are The Best Thought From Afar Gintama Episode 185 • We are Sorry (Episode 252) • All Men Are Not Confident In Confessing The Love (Episode 137)[/su_box]


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Are Gintama Fillers Worth Watching?

Now that you know the plot of the Gintama anime series and how many filler episodes are there in Gintama, it is obvious that you will be wondering if Gintama Fillers are worth watching. In simple words, this mainly depends on your preferences and how much spare time you have.

However, many fans don’t prefer to watch filler episodes, and they consider it a waste of time. However, some die-hard anime users love watching these filler episodes.

On the other hand, Gintama filler episodes are very low than the others, so you can consider watching these episodes to know even the minor details of the show.

Below we have listed Gintama filler episodes as well as details of Gintama’s canon episodes so that you can make the decision efficiently and appropriately.

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Filler Episodes:

The filler episodes do not contribute that much to the anime’s plot or the original Manga storyline, and mostly it has additional content.

Mostly Fillers:

These episodes do not contain content from the original manga, but it includes a tiny part of the original one.

Only Canon or Mixed:

These anime episodes are fully Manga-based without any artificial content.

Mostly Canon:

These episodes are also manga-based but have a small chunk of additional content and filler.


This anime is excellent to watch for all types of viewers, and while watching Gintama without fillers, you will laugh a lot. Apart from it, the filler episodes of Gintama are interesting.

To make things simple for you, we have mentioned all the Gintama filler lists that include all the chapters that you can skip and enjoy the Gintama without filler episodes and save your precious time.

The total number of episodes in this anime series Gintama series is 369 episodes, including fillers. Some of its episodes are still ranking high. Gintama was one of the longest anime series aired from 2006 to 2021.

Sakata Gintoki is a legendary samurai who lives in an era in which people love to live with samurais, nor do they want any. In the mean, while aliens try to attack the vicinity due to their sufferings. Kagura, along with Shimura Shinpachi and Gintoki, take on the aliens and try to make the country a safer and secure place for all.

How Much Filler is in Gintama?

Among the total 369 episodes, total Gintama filler episodes are around 22. In terms of percentage, this is equal to 6% of the whole anime series from 2006 to 2021.
As compared to the other anime series, the Gintama filler list is very low, and you can even watch some of these fillers if you want. And we will show the details of watchable and skippable Gintama fillers below in this Gintama filler guide.

Furthermore, the storyline of Gintama is also extremely subtle compared to the other series, and it’s hard for the viewers to identify the Gintama filler episode and the Gintama canon episodes.

In simple words, Gintama can be said as a popular anime series that resembles a weekly sitcom. The show includes parodical humor, which further enhances its taste and keeps viewers engaged. Some of the Gintama filler episodes are also the same.

The plot adopts the worst scenario in which the outsiders and aliens execute an unfair agreement on the local Japanese people. They imposed many unfair bans on people, such as restricting them from carrying swords publically and permitting the aliens to access their land. They also collected the samurai’s weapons, and many were turned into dummy administration.

The protagonist in Gintama is played by a character known as Gintoki Sakata, a legendary samurai who assists Shinpachi Shimura, and both these try to save the country from the aliens. Later, Gintoki and Shinpachi became partners and opened a new business venture known as “Yorozuya” (The Anything Store).

They also collaborated with the Shinsengumi police force and fought against thieves and other violent criminals. The duo also fights against Gintoki’s Amanto-invasion ancestors, including avant-garde Kotaro Katsura, who is carrying out a terrorist operation against a dummy and alien-controlled government.

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Final Review:

Well, that was the ultimate Gintama filler list for your convenience and ready reference. After reading this Gintama filler guide, we hope you can easily decide which episodes to watch and which Gintama fillers you can skip.

But in our opinion, you should try to watch the recommended Gintama fillers at least. How do you rate the Gintama anime series? Do you enjoy watching it? Let us know your opinion below in the comment section


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