Haikyuu Filler List【Best Anime Guide】

Haikyuu Filler List + Canon List

Haikyuu is one of the best anime series all over the globe. It is Japanese cartoons that are based on manga.

These were created by Haruichi Furudate. Haikyuu was the best show of its time and still popular among kids and teenagers.

This anime series has 4 seasons and each season complains a number of episodes. This story is about a student who loves volleyball and then the story goes on.

Haikyuu contains 85 episodes in total. 25 episodes in season 1, 25 episodes in season 2.

Haikyuu Filler Episodes List:

None, Haikyuu has no Filler episodes.

Haikyuu Manga Canon Episodes:

1-85 Episodes

Haikyuu Episode List:

1 End and Beginning MANGA CANON 2014-04-06
2 Karasuno High School’s Volleyball Club MANGA CANON 2014-04-13
3 The Formidable Ally MANGA CANON 2014-04-20
4 The View From the Summit MANGA CANON 2014-04-27
5 A Coward’s Anxiety MANGA CANON 2014-05-04
6 An Interesting Team MANGA CANON 2014-05-11
7 Versus the Great King MANGA CANON 2014-05-18
8 He Who Is Called “Ace” MANGA CANON 2014-05-25
9 A Toss to the Ace MANGA CANON 2014-06-01
10 Yearning MANGA CANON 2014-06-08
11 Decision MANGA CANON 2014-06-15
12 The Neko-Karasu Reunion MANGA CANON 2014-06-22
13 Rival MANGA CANON 2014-06-29
14 Formidable Opponents MANGA CANON 2014-07-06
15 Revival MANGA CANON 2014-07-13
16 Winners and Losers MANGA CANON 2014-07-20
17 The Iron Wall MANGA CANON 2014-07-27
18 Guarding Your Back MANGA CANON 2014-08-03
19 Conductors MANGA CANON 2014-08-10
20 Oikawa Tōru is not a Genius MANGA CANON 2014-08-17
21 Senpai’s True Abilities MANGA CANON 2014-08-24
22 Evolution MANGA CANON 2014-08-31
23 The Point that Changes the Momentum MANGA CANON 2014-09-07
24 Removing the Lonely King MANGA CANON 2014-09-14
25 The Third Day MANGA CANON 2014-09-21
26 Let’s Go To Tokyo!! MANGA CANON 2015-10-04
27 Direct Sunlight MANGA CANON 2015-10-11
28 Townsperson B MANGA CANON 2015-10-18
29 Center Ace MANGA CANON 2015-10-25
30 Greed MANGA CANON 2015-11-01
31 Tempo MANGA CANON 2015-11-08
32 Moonrise MANGA CANON 2015-11-15
33 Illusionary Hero MANGA CANON 2015-11-22
34 Umbrella MANGA CANON 2015-11-29
35 Gears MANGA CANON 2015-12-05
36 Up Above MANGA CANON 2015-12-12
37 Match Begins!! MANGA CANON 2015-12-19
38 Simple, Pure Strength MANGA CANON 2015-12-26
39 Growing Fast MANGA CANON 2016-01-09
40 Playground MANGA CANON 2016-01-16
41 To the Next MANGA CANON 2016-01-23
42 The Fight of the Spineless MANGA CANON 2016-01-30
43 The Losers MANGA CANON 2016-02-06
44 The Iron Wall Can Be Constructed Any Number of Times MANGA CANON 2016-02-13
45 Wiping Away MANGA CANON 2016-02-20
46 The Breaker MANGA CANON 2016-02-27
47 The Fight of the Previously Spineless MANGA CANON 2016-03-05
48 Team MANGA CANON 2016-03-12
49 Switch for the Utmost Limit MANGA CANON 2016-03-19
50 Declaration of War MANGA CANON 2016-03-26
51 Greetings MANGA CANON 2016-10-07
52 The Threat of “Left” MANGA CANON 2016-10-14
54 The Halo Around the Moon MANGA CANON 2016-10-28
55 Individual VS Numbers MANGA CANON 2016-11-04
56 The Chemical Change of Encounters MANGA CANON 2016-11-11
57 Obsession MANGA CANON 2016-11-18
58 An Annoying Guy MANGA CANON 2016-11-25
59 The Volleyball Idiots MANGA CANON 2016-12-02
60 The Battle of Concepts MANGA CANON 2016-12-09
61 Self-Introduction MANGA CANON 2020-01-10
62 Lost MANGA CANON 2020-01-17
63 Perspective MANGA CANON 2020-01-24
64 Take It Easy MANGA CANON 2020-01-31
65 Hunger MANGA CANON 2020-02-07
66 Enhancements MANGA CANON 2020-02-14
67 Return MANGA CANON 2020-02-21
68 Challenger MANGA CANON 2020-02-28
69 Everyone’s Night MANGA CANON 2020-03-06
70 Battle Lines MANGA CANON 2020-03-13
71 A Chance to Connect MANGA CANON 2020-03-20
72 Vivid MANGA CANON 2020-03-27
73 The Second Day MANGA CANON 2020-04-03
74 Rhythm MANGA CANON 2020-10-02
75 Found MANGA CANON 2020-10-09
76 Broken Heart MANGA CANON 2020-10-16
77 Cats vs. Monkeys MANGA CANON 2020-10-23
78 Trap MANGA CANON 2020-10-30
79 The Ultimate Challengers MANGA CANON 2020-11-06
80 Leader MANGA CANON 2020-11-13
81 Hero MANGA CANON 2020-11-20
82 Pitons MANGA CANON 2020-11-27
83 The Birth of the Serene King MANGA CANON 2020-12-04
84 Monster’s Ball MANGA CANON 2020-12-11
85 The Promised Land MANGA CANON 2020-12-18

What is the Filler Episodes in Haikyuu:

Haikyu!! was an amazing anime series that was published around 2014 to 2020. 85 Episodes!! were aired and has no filler.

Haikyuu Ships Canon:

  • Kageyama/Hinata (kagehina)
  • Asahi/Nishinoya (asanoya)
  • Iwaizumi/Oikawa (iwaoi)
  • Akaashi/Bokuto (akaboku or bokuaka)
  • Kuroo/Kenma (kuroken) and Kuroo/Tsukishima (kurotsukki), which are equally popular Kuroo ships.
  • Tsukishima/Yamaguchi (tsukkiyama or yamatsukki)
  • Daichi/Sugawara (daisuga)
  • Atsumu/Hinata (Hinasu)

Filler scenes to avoid in Haikyuu:

Hence the accompanying Haikyuu filler rundown will show you which scenes or parts are filler in the Haikyuu arrangement, this implies scenes that are solely from the anime and were not dependent on the manga. These are one the best anime so far.

With this rundown, you can avoid or keep away from the Haikyuu filler and accordingly avoid the scenes that are filler or that you figure you would prefer not to see.

It ought to be noticed that every scene in the event that it contains any piece of the first story of the manga will be itemized minutes to ignore it regardless of whether you see it by Netflix or any other platform.

Haikyuu Season 3 How Many Episodes?

10 episodes in season 3 and 25 episodes in season 4.

Haikyuu started in the year 2014 and ended in the year 2020, due to covid 19, only a few episodes got a chance to aired, and the rest aired after few months.

Haikyuu Filler episodes:

These anime series do not have any filler episodes which is quite amazing hence the show left us all in disbelief.

Different seasons of the Haikyuu anime series are as follows:

Season one of Haikyuu:

Haikyuu Season 1 scene list circulated from 6 April 2014 to 21 September 2014 and it is comprised of 25 episodes.

Season two of Haikyuu:

Season 2 of Haikyuu anime circulated on 4 October 2015 and end on 27 March 2016 and this season is also comprised of 25 episodes.

Season three of Haikyuu:

This season circulated from 7 October 2016 to 9 December 2016 with the title name of ‘haikyukarasuno high school versus shiratorizawa academy’. Moreover, this season includes 10 episodes.

Season four of Haikyuu:

This season was circulated on 11 January 2020 and comprises 13 scenes in particular plus the fourth season was intended to be delivered in two parts. The title for this season was ‘Haikyuu to the top’.


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